My very first blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first blog!!

I hope you enjoy all my posts and feel extremely welcome on my blog.

This blog post will be fairly short as i don’t know whether this will workout the way I hope it will so if you like this and want to hear more please leave a comment down below but only kind messages please.

First I will tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Joanne and i am in year 9. I live in a small town in the southern part of the UK. My hobbies are piano and dance both o which i have done since I was 8 years old. No i do not own any pets ¬†as my parents won’t let me and i know some of you are probably like WTF!. They do like animals but they just don’t want them in our house.

I really hope that you all enjoyed getting to know a little bit and please leave some comments down bellow if you liked this and if you want me to carry on.

Joanne xx (p.s. I know that the camera quality isn’t great but i don’t have a very good camera.)


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